Takaka Springs Water 1.5Litre - 12 Pack Carton
1.5Litre - 12 Pack Carton
Takaka Springs Water  400ml - 24 Pack Carton
400ml - 24 Pack Carton
Takaka Springs Water 750ml - 24 Pack Carton
750ml - 24 Pack Carton

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Bottled water from our part of the world, to yours
Residing in the beautiful Golden Bay region in the upper west of the South Island of New Zealand is a place called Takaka, home of Takaka Springs Water Co. Ltd., producers of premium bottled water.  We have captured the natural beauty and purity the locals in Takaka have been enjoying for years and packaged it as bottled water so everyone can drink it.

New Zealand comprises of two large islands situated at the bottom of the South Pacific Ocean, almost 2000kms east of Australia and four times that distance from South America. In the upper west of the South Island is a district called Golden Bay with pockets of very old marble rock. In fact so old, it was part of the legendary super continent Gondwanaland which existed hundreds of millions of years ago.

Over many centuries earth movements saw the creation of marble aquifers deep beneath Takaka Hill, and water filtered through marble chasms and caves is trapped under great pressure by an impermeable layer of sand stone. At one point where this cap has been breached the water emerges chilled to a constant 12 degrees Centigrade.
Bottled water brands available now
Takaka Springs Water Co. Ltd. are producers of one of New Zealand’s most respected bottled water brands, Takaka Springs Water. Now this distinctive and mysterious natural phenomenon is available as bottled water for all of us to enjoy and can be purchased online now.
About the Takaka Springs

Natural Purity... From a Natural Paradise
Pure mineral water
Bottled at source
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Tested & Certified

The water sourced at Takaka Springs Water has been tested by an internationally accredited laboratory...
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