About the Takaka Springs

Takaka is in the heart of Golden Bay, home to Te Waikoropupu (Pupu) springs. These are the largest freshwater springs in the southern hemisphere and contain some of the clearest water ever measured.

Takaka is also the gateway to Farewell Spit, The Heaphy Track and many beaches around the Abel Tasman National Park.

The Company

Takaka Springs Water Co Ltd, was incorporated in October 1999 by a group of people involved in process for the food industry. The shareholders have a desire to provide top quality bottled water to a wide range of markets, from a region well known for its unique environment.

The Factory

The factory is situated within the Takaka township and has been built to comply with modern food factory standards. To ensure the best possible water quality, all product contact surfaces are constructed from stainless steel.

Treating the Water

The equipment used for filtering and treatment of the water was supplied by one of New Zealand's leading water treatment companies. It was installed to their specifications and contains specialised and in some cases specifically designed equipment for bottle rinsing, filling and labelling.

The incoming fresh water is extracted from an aquifer located near to the factory. It is then pre-filtered and passed through an ultraviolet (UV) disinfection unit. The UV treated water is then passed through an additional two filters before reaching the ozonation unit. The ozonation unit generates ozone from the air and injects it into the water stream. Ozone dosing also acts as a disinfectant or steriliser. Ozonated water is harmless and any residual ozone degrades back to oxygen after a short period. After ozonation the water is passed through a final, much finer filter to ensure its purity before entering the filler header tank.

About the Takaka Springs

Natural Purity... From a Natural Paradise
Pure mineral water
Bottled at source
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Tested & Certified

The water sourced at Takaka Springs Water has been tested by an internationally accredited laboratory...
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